• Site - catalog

Site - catalog

Site - a catalog is similar to an online store, but is designed to represent the company, the products it produces, the company's advantages and the B2B working environment.

    For whom:
  • for product manufacturers.
  • for product suppliers.
  • for companies and individual entrepreneurs providing services.
Development of a catalog site:

An online store is your primary sales tool and should be taken seriously. The more convenient your online store is, the more profit it will bring you.

The development time for an online store is longer than other sites. a lot of time is spent on testing and debugging all the little things and usability.

SEO promotion of a directory site:

To promote the online store, Google and Yandex contextual advertising is used for a quick start of sales. A semantic core is formed and SEO promotion is performed.

Additional services

  • 350$